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Stephen Kukucha – Partner  +1 778 688 5857 LinkedIn

“Stephen both created opportunities and managed potential challenges for BluEarth. He was focused, effective and strategic in the approach he brought to the issues we faced.  By viewing our brand through a business lens, he built a strong relationship, added value to BluEarth and lived up to his reputation as someone who gets things done.”  – Kent Brown, CEO, BluEarth Renewables

Stephen is a lawyer, business consultant, political advisor and entrepreneur. He is one of the “go-to guys” for companies looking to enter and/or succeed in the Canadian market, particularly British Columbia.

Stephen earned his reputation by gaining a depth and breadth of experience in diverse areas. He practiced at one of Canada’s top law firms, moved successfully into politics, then headed the global external affairs group for a world-leading energy technology firm. Ever an entrepreneur, Stephen found time en route to start new ventures, manage their growth and successfully sell them.

A Unique Toolkit of Skills

At Wazuku, Stephen puts his skills—wide-ranging experience, knowledge, relationships and capabilities—to good use. He provides high-level strategic advice to help companies achieve their specific objectives, be they successfully introducing their products or business to provincial markets or driving revenues to new heights. He holds a keen understanding of Canadian strategic, regulatory and business perspectives. 

The Energy to 'Get Things Done'

Stephen’s experience in both the public and private sectors, coupled with a dynamic personality and tireless work ethic, makes him a sought-after consultant. He has the relentless drive and talent to execute plans effectively and strategically—skills he used to full effect when serving in various provincial and federal election victories.

They were also showcased when Stephen founded Atla Energy and Ku Group in 2007. As a founder of Atla, he helped to raise capital, manage legal and corporate development, establish Aboriginal and industry partnerships, engage stakeholders and provide project management. In 2010, Stephen sold Atla to Syntaris Power.

At Ku, Stephen worked with a variety of technology and development clients prior to merging his business with Brad Zubyk to create Wazuku Advisory Group.

International Experience and Partnerships

Stephen spent over seven years with Ballard Power Systems as Director, External Affairs and Emerging Market Business Development. He led the company’s globally focused External Affairs group, responsible for regulatory affairs, government and industry partnerships, plus business development efforts in Asia, particularly in China. He travelled extensively in Asia, Europe and the US for this work. 

Stephen also helped lead several Canadian and US industry associations and partnerships, including Canadian Transportation Fuel Cell Alliance (Chair), National Hydrogen Association (Director), US Fuel Cell Council (Director), World Fuel Cell Council (Director), California Fuel Cell Partnership (Steering Team). He is the former Chair of the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Association.

Background Check

Stephen received his undergraduate degree from the University of British Columbia before heading east to the University of New Brunswick to complete his law degree. He is always on the go, whether it be swimming, yoga, spin class or sailing.

“Ballard has worked with members of the Wazuku team for over five years and we will continue our relationship because the company strives to understand our unique needs and then provides efficient service focused on delivering results that matter to our business.” – John Sheridan, President and CEO, Ballard Power Systems