Wazuku consultants often work with public figures to define and professionally present your individual brand. Our goal is to develop, expand and manage your brand to create social and financial value you can capitalize on during and post career.

Personal Branding

We first lead clients through a customized branding process to help define your personal brand and brand values. This includes:

  • Capturing your "story" and highlighting key moments that define or represent your brand values and successes.
  • Creating and executing a plan to manage your brand and reputation.
  • Connecting and matching your personal brand and image to corporate or social interests that are personally compelling, have a social benefit and/or can be monetized to your personal benefit, such as endorsements, speaking opportunities, events, book deals, sponsorships and involvement in social issues/campaigns.
  • Providing media training to help your manage your brand message on TV, in social media and in print.
  • Building you a team of trusted advisors to support your corporate plan, structure and personal wealth.

Advisory Services

These include:

  • Media training to help you manage your messaging on TV, over social media and in print.
  • Establishing a team of trusted advisors (accountant, lawyer, financial advisor and such) to build your corporate plan, structure and personal wealth.
  • Creating and managing events to support your brand (charity events, educational events etc.).