“We understand the language, priorities and pulse of government—and are committed to achieving positive outcomes for our clients.- Brad Zubyk

Government relations, issues management and advocacy are core strengths at Wazuku. Our consultants have decades of experience working with stakeholders, solving problems, developing policy, communicating proactively and building relationships with key decision-makers at every level of government. We understand the dynamic of government and have built a reputation as credible, honest advocates, particularly with the provincial government in BC and the national government in Ottawa. This enables us to help you navigate the convoluted maze of policies, politics and regulations that frequently stand between an organization and its goals.

Whether your issues are decided at the national, provincial, regional or municipal levels, Wazuku has the know-how, experience and relationships to enable your success. Many companies, associations and not-for-profit groups turn to Wazuku for government relations as a way to:

  • Reach their organizational goals and objectives
  • Realize market expansion opportunities
  • Build government relations
  • Shape public policy
  • Solve specific problems or challenges.

Social License

A number of organizations require the acceptance or approval of First Nations, local communities and other stakeholders for some of their operations or projects. Wazuku is highly skilled at steering you through the stages en route to success, including, strategy and message development, relationship development and management, and stakeholder engagement and alignment.

Issues Management

The road to social license success can be fraught with potential crises. At Wazuku, being prepared is a key part of our strategy for clients. Sometimes, though, a crisis hits, catching an organization by surprise. Thanks to years of experience in media relations and crisis management across a range of industries, Wazuku can quickly pull together an issues management team that best meets our clients’ needs.

Campaign Solutions

We draw from an arsenal of skills to realize high-level campaign objectives, often saving the day for clients who have tried achieve their goals using other methods, but without success.

Our team uses nimble and innovative approaches drawn from program management methodology and refined in leading-edge political and public relations campaigns.