Emir Mehinagic – Senior Associate

emehinagic@wazuku.ca  +1 604 329 7344 LinkedIn

“As a leader or a member of a high-performance team, I have always found that trust, coordination, and communication between team members were key to creating an energetic and effective work atmosphere that generates results.”  – Emir Mehinagic

Emir is a seasoned government & stakeholder relations and communications expert. As a team player, he knows how to engage diverse stakeholder groups and get them working towards a common goal. He is also an expert at putting the pieces in place to help secure social and regulatory license for his clients’ projects.

Government Policy Expert

A former Chief of Staff for two Ministers of the Crown in Alberta, Emir has a keen understanding of what governments look for when designing policies and legislation. He put this knowledge to good use at Port Metro Vancouver, where he worked closely with PMV experts and federal and provincial regulators in support of the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 project, a proposed new three-berth container terminal in Delta, BC.

Team Builder

An experienced policy advisor, Emir understands that open, collaborative and responsive engagement with stakeholders is a crucial part of developing effective strategic plans and tactical solutions. He honed his skills in this area as Chief of Staff for Alberta’s Ministry of Aboriginal Relations, where he was the primary political liaison between the Minister’s Office and key Aboriginal governments and organizations. Emir worked closely with the Minister and the Department of Aboriginal Relations, and Alberta’s First Nation partners in the development and signing of the historic Protocol Agreement on Government to Government Relations between the Government of Alberta and the Treaty 6, 7 and 8 First Nations.

On-Message Communicator

A valued communications strategist with superb writing, analytical and critical-thinking skills, Emir works closely with Wazuku’s clients to create communications and government relations strategies that generate strong support from key stakeholder groups, and provide effective outcomes for our clients and government partners.

Background Check

Emir is a media junkie with an insatiable appetite for political and economic developments, trends and innovations. As a volunteer, he has worked on numerous election campaigns and leadership races. This life-long learner regularly upgrades his and knowledge through courses. Emir also enjoys music, sports and languages—in addition to English, he is fluent in Bosnian/ Croatian/Serbian.