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David Oliver – Senior Associate

doliver@wazuku.ca  +1 778 873 1444 LinkedIn

“David brings a highly valued executive skillset to Wazuku that includes an in-depth understanding of the value chain, which he is eager to share with Wazuku clients.”  – Mike Watson

An industrial engineering professional, David is a global, multi-faceted executive who has successfully masterminded the execution of multiple large and complex projects across most industry sectors. 

Highly Sought-After Executive Skillset

David’s natural leadership qualities and facilitation expertise allow him to reliably coordinate and bridge the often-competing demands of multiple stakeholders. His team and clients count on him to provide value by sparking creativity, building consensus and bringing complex ideas to fruition.

A Global Pedigree

David has more than 14 years of national and international experience, including stints in North America and Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He worked as a leader with strategic industry organization KNX Association, which he steered to become the leading organization in the industry, and played a leading role in transforming medium-sized Merten GmbH into a market leader. He also has senior management experience working with large Fortune 500 companies, like Eaton Corporation, where he spent eight years executing capital projects across Canada and Latin America, and then leading segment-specific strategic initiatives across EMEA from the company’s head office in Switzerland.  

Background Check

David has a Master’s degree in industrial engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), and is educated in diverse fields such as aeronautical engineering, and strategic marketing. He has taught at some of the most prestigious universities in his home country Spain, and co-authored the official building automation textbook prescribed by the Government of Spain.

Together with his two young daughters and his wife, David loves to spend time hiking around Vancouver and travelling across the world while practicing his photography skills. He also enjoys sailing and snowboarding and is an avid Formula 1 Fernando Alonso fan.