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David Carruthers – Business Analyst

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“Wazuku Advisory Group was instrumental in guiding the Vancouver Economic Commission’s organizational restructuring and strategic planning process. Their team spent months helping the VEC create a new, focused vision for the future and their ongoing strategic counsel continues to be very valuable for the VEC’s many initiatives.” Vancouver Economic Commission

David is a key support resource for Wazuku’s strategic planning team. He works closely with Wazuku's principals and senior staff to prepare projects, liaise with clients, capture content and synthesize data from strategic planning sessions.

An insightful lens

In his support role, David excels at research and connecting thoughts and ideas. He sees through the cracks and regularly comes up with perceptive questions that pinpoint missing pieces in order to solve problems.

Analyst extraordinaire

Prior to joining Wazuku, David worked as a policy research assistant at UBC and taught logical reasoning and problem solving to candidates preparing for the Law School Admission Test. He augments his analytical abilities with technical and software skills that range from statistics and accounting to graphic design. All of these talents have prepared David well for his role at Wazuku, which includes transforming large amounts of diverse data into clear and cogent reports and action plans. 

Solid credentials

David holds a BA in political science and philosophy from the University of British Columbia. He also has a diploma in finance from the British Columbia Institute of Technology, where he graduated with distinction and simultaneously earned an honours certificate in the Canadian Securities Course.

Background Check

David's a foodie who works off extra calories consumed through his cooking habit by playing basketball in a men’s league.