Brad Zubyk

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“Brad Zubyk is one of British Columbia’s most talented and well-connected political strategy guys.”  – Mike Smyth, Columnist, The Province

Brad Zubyk has been at the forefront of strategic communications in Canada since 1993. After serving as Communications Director in the BC government, Brad has gone on to advise a wide range of private-sector clients as well as to serve as a campaign strategist for political parties in Canada, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Strategic Solutions

Brad brings a unique skillset to Wazuku. Thanks to a knack for understanding human behaviour and a talent for analyzing public policy, Brad creates innovative, effective solutions for clients that achieve tangible results and help strengthen their reputations. His experience in senior leadership functions on multiple provincial and municipal election campaigns also enables him to counsel companies on positioning their government requests and to facilitate dialogue between clients and decision-makers.

Political Navigator

Brad has a profound understanding of how government works, and access to key influencers across multiple sectors, enabling him to help clients navigate the political landscape and move initiatives forward at both the municipal and provincial levels. Brad’s success is built on a straightforward approach that reflects his belief that the best resolution can be reached by clearly articulating the shared interest of the government and the client. His strong relationships with a broad stakeholder community—including businesses and community groups—add to his ability to achieve success.

Political Pundit

Over 30 years, Brad has built close relationships with print, radio and TV journalists from national to local levels. A frequent media commentator on public policy and campaigns, he is highly respected for his ability to keenly discern the politics of the day

Background Check

Brad holds an MA in Economics from the University of Windsor. The father of two great daughters, he is ever the golfer, Detroit Lions fan and wine lover. 

“Brad, your patient advice, counsel and willingness to act on our behalf has not only started to change the landscape, but has brought us tremendous encouragement as well.”
Laura Lansink, Executive Director, Food Banks BC