Ashley Burgess – Manager, Operations & Finance  +1 604 600 6471 LinkedIn

Ashley plays a pivotal role helping Wazuku achieve its strategic Canada-wide business objectives and operational results. She is responsible for the financial management of the company and also spearheads the Company’s strategic initiatives.

Ashley joined Wazuku as a Business Analyst in 2012 and is trusted by the Principals as is their designated authority with respect to most aspects of the Company’s operations. 

Strategic Steward

In this role, she is responsible for stewardship of strategy and tactical implementation, including ongoing review and modification when required.

As a fast-growing firm with offices in three cities, Wazuku depends on Ashley's global perspective and oversight to manage and strengthen its external and internal image and positioning. She works with our team and external providers to oversee marketing activities, brand integrity and communications.

Operations Lifesaver

Ashley is a true strategist. She applies the Wazuku methodology internally to ensure it is an organization that practices what it preaches.  Her leadership in this area has been instrumental in enabling Wazuku’s growth trajectory.  Ashley can always be counted upon to bring a practical, accountable and valuable voice to the table. She uses her extraordinary analytical and managerial skills to oversee the bulk of Wazuku’s operational requirements, ensuring that Wazuku consistently delivers the highest levels of service delivery, efficiency and customer experience. 

A Human Resource

Ashley works closely with Wazuku’s senior leadership to oversee talent management. Her experience and level-headedness make her the perfect person to support Wazuku’s onboarding and mentoring programs. She is a leader and resource to the entire team as well as Wazuku’s clients. 

Background Check

Ashley holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Victoria and a Master’s in Business Administration from Simon Fraser University. Prior to joining Wazuku, she earned years of multi-disciplined business management experience in Canada and South America. When not at Wazuku, Ashley is often hiking in the North Shore Mountains or travelling abroad.